JACOB’S EYE, a collection of industry experts, who in aggregate, have worked with the world’s biggest brands and organizations have been awarded a new contract to provide marketing services for the U.S. Air National Guard. The base period has a 3-year contract term and is valued at over $100 Million.

Under this new contract, JACOB’S EYE will manage all U.S. Air National Guard Recruitment and Retention Marketing Services across all 50 states and territories in the United Sates. The company’s efforts under this contract will include branding, community outreach, events, advertising, website design and maintenance, call center support, public relations, social media, interactive and recruitment center renovations.

“After honorably serving our country through military service, it was a bit scary replacing my uniform with a business suit,” says Delano Massey, CEO of JACOB’S EYE. “But, I knew that change was inevitable so I charged full speed ahead. Now, with this new U.S. Air National Guard contract, I get to continue serving my country in many new ways.”

Rushion McDonald adds, “As business partner and CMO of Jacob’s Eye, I’m excited at the opportunity to work with the U.S. Air National Guard. My family has a military history with both my younger brother and nephew having proudly served in the armed forces.”

JACOB’S EYE has been awarded many other contracts delivering marketing services for brands throughout the United States such as Coca-Cola, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State Farm, U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, CNN, NASCAR, Ford, Nike, The Home Depot, MasterCard, Crackle Barrel, Denny’s, Health & Human Services (HHS), Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and many more.


JACOB’S EYE is a collection of industry experts, who in aggregate, have worked with the world’s biggest brands and organizations. We are strategically grounded, creatively driven, and data influenced, providing new and innovative solutions that respond to our clients needs. http://www.jacobseye.com


Delano Massey is a retired, United States Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps Warrior. Having harnessed numerous lessons from his Honorable military service where government affairs, contract law, regulatory matters and claims research permeated his daily duties; which coupled with over 20 years’ experience owning and operating various businesses (hospitality, restaurants, technology, real estate, etc.) across the country, Delano has developed the high sensory skills and refined attributes that propel him to overcoming challenges without breaking his stride.

Delano as CEO oversees all areas of JACOB’S EYE GROUP (JE) ranging from Executive Management Mentoring to Business Affairs & Acquisitions, along with Cost Accounting to Asset Management and Quality Assurance.


Rushion McDonald, is a two-time Emmy Award-winning television producer, sitcom writer, former stand-up comic and the architect behind the Steve Harvey Global Media Brand. He has used his degree in Mathematics and IBM training to negotiate large financial deals with Ford, Home Depot, State Farm, Fremantle Media, Sony Screen Gems, HarperCollins Publishers and NBC. He created and produced the sold-out Neighborhood Awards that celebrated small businesses for 14 straight years. Rushion McDonald, hosts Money Making Conversations, a weekly podcast and radio show, where you learn the “Secrets of Success” during his interviews with corporate executives, industry decision makers, small business owners and celebrities. Money Making Conversations airs every Monday from 11 am-1 pm CST on @MoneyMakingConversations Facebook Fan page, 1480AM, Houston, Texas and is also available on iHeart Radio Podcast. Rushion has become an expert in large events and TV production, as well as, an industry respected brand & marketing strategist and the CMO at JACOB’S EYE (JE).